Doing drag using my closest friend

Like click here to for many gay and I turned into friends in a colorful means. I doubt we’d have linked had we not already been on a single flight travelling from Sydney to L. A. to go to the Cleveland, Ohio 2014 Gay Games, the two of us an element of the Sydney Silverback Wrestling Club.

That excursion established the building blocks your lifelong friendship. Once we landed back Sydney, we moved into a townhouse in Darlinghurst together.

Throughout that time, one of our favourite hobbies were to see

RuPaul’s Drag Race

– the wonderfully flamboyant reality show that files RuPaul’s quest for next « US pull star ».

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hristian and I had been infatuated by show. It had been wonderful. It normalised drag. To obtain a RuPaul neologism, it helped us start the discussion of who we really happened to be, « regardless in our sex ».

At the end of each show, RuPaul is actually determined. « figure out how to love your self, » he states. « if you cannot love yourself, how hell you gonna really love somebody else? » We were converts. Inside program, femininity – not just look – was both well known and worth imitation.

When I ended up being expanding up, i discovered I happened to be usually under some pressure as more masculine. Welcoming pull supplies an opportunity for feminine boys like me to let their barriers down.

I could express myself personally easily and honestly, without prejudice. I possibly could rejoice from inside the elegant components of my personality.

After-hours binging the series collectively, Christian and that I looked to both with pleasure. We determined we simply


going to the city, dressed up in pull!

We might create the debut at Sissy baseball at Carriageworks, Eveleigh – per night of fantastic lighting effects, music, and area decked out with the nines, and definitely one on the highlights regarding the Sydney lgbt Mardi Gras.


he first faltering step in the process would be to come up with our figures. Christian’s improvement was actually into a mature girl which looked like a librarian. The foundation of this fictional character is actually a secret which he keeps to this day!

For my figure, we chose the ‘80s cartoon icon Jem, from

Jem and also the Holograms

. The collection researched motifs around identity, through major character adopting the image of Jem with the help of a holographic computer.

Looking back, we ponder if

Drag Race

provided me personally with the same variety of escapism that Jem had all those years back.

I understood I wanted to look the same as Jem, with a wraparound hot green outfit, huge locks and big earrings. But where would I start? We called my personal mum in a panicked state and she realized just what to accomplish. A talented dressmaker, she set-to operate.

« simply send me the measurements, love, » Mum stated. This eased my crisis and gave me a new admiration your drag area that do this as a full-time hustle.


hen it came to makeup, we’d really to master. Appropriate contouring had been every thing, and my personal basic effort went awfully incorrect.

To contour correctly provides you with a slimmer face and hotter cheekbones, a cute-as-a-button nose, and reality TV-ready mouth that produce you appear as if you’ve just walked into an episode of

Bachelor in Paradise

. Sadly, the contouring initiatives happened to be a hot mess, therefore we used the services of
, a courageous and extravagant pull performer who was prepared to allow us to.

When I found myself cut and nestled, my personal costume shimmied over my corseted type, and my personal attractive face perfectly pulled, we out of the blue realized that I’d in order to get from Oxford Street to Waterloo in full outfit. It actually was when this occurs that my personal interior saboteur banged in.

RuPaul alerts your « inner saboteur » is simply your worry, determined to prevent you from having a good time. I got a-deep breath and sorted out to accept the superb experience with drag.

I got into my personal Uber. My driver performed a double simply take. « i did not acknowledge you, » the guy said. He started the auto and considered me personally when you look at the rear vision mirror. « you appear pretty. » My blush became a smile, and then we were out.


nfortunately, no body had cautioned us concerning footwear. Let me make it clear, high heels tend to be a soft nightmare, and Christian and I happened to be compelled to leave our very own kitty heels to dancing. Exactly how females and pull queens do this in stilettos, 24 hours a day, is actually a mystery in my opinion.

Our choice to attend golf ball in drag was compensated because of the enjoyable we had, as well as the appearance we had gotten while we combined to the gorgeous audience. From the minute we put base into the baseball, we decided we’d attained « glitters and gold » success.

At the end of the night time, we were more than somewhat chuffed become mistaken for pros and questioned if we attending kick in at Star Casino.

I asked Christian exactly what that evening designed for him. « checking out the whole process with my best friend was empowering, » Christian said. « It actually was a totally eye-opening experience, one of the recommended days we have now spent together and something we cherish. »

I really couldn’t concur more. Just would we already have an intense understanding your design that will be pull, but i will be so thankful having skilled this rite of passageway using my best friend. It was a defining moment inside our union.

Nick Preston is actually a freelance blogger contemplating men’s and psychological state, queer society and pop tradition.

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