Ought I talk about my pornography-viewing habits with my pal? | Interactions |

Not long ago I lent a good friend my laptop but forgot to wash my net history from it. As I ended up being a single man, I familiar with periodically view sex sites online. After marriage, We have done so much less usually, and do not find it as a problem. My personal e-mail has nothing untoward aside from haphazard junk e-mail emails (Viagra, depressed housewives etc).

But after having the laptop computer straight back, my pal hinted that i will record off email records and wash my background etc. It was not until later that We realized exactly what he had been hinting at. I am speculating he previously a concern with me watching this content. I don’t want him to consider i am a freak; i believe it really is relatively normal is interested. Ought I approach him concerning this, or let it rest end up being?

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